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NeoSound is represented as a cloud API service for software developers to solve their sound processing needs.

For example, with our technology it is possible to build a mobile app for music creation requiring only users’ singing.

Imagine your users have a tool that would allow them to create music just as easy as making a photo?

Simple solution

NeoSound algorithms are available as cloud-based API and can be used by developers of musical software.

We believe this cloud service is unique proposition on the market.

Your Musical Software can be enriched by additional functionality with our technology. Such software includes mobile applications for music creation, music learning, vocal trainers, music searchers, and other.

Simple use of NeoSound API:
algorithm detects musical notes from user's singing

NeoSound is the unique and convenient technology that allows to bring extra ways of interaction of users with mobiles or other applications.
For example, NeoSound algorithm can recognizes the notes from the singing of users who do not even have musical skills.
We compared the results of NeoSound with existing solutions on the market and found that NeoSound provides more accurate results. You can check this at this video:

Our team

Denis Ardabatsky
CEO & Co-Founder

Andrew Matusevich
R&D & Co-Founder

Alex Astafyev
CTO & Co-Founder

Nadzeya Karaban
iOS Developer

Aliaksei Mkrtychan

Aliaksei Dzehtsiarou
Software QA Engineer